Black Bull

Finally decided to take time to follow a class from start to finish 
Thanks for the advices, I thought I knew photoshop correctly but you proved me wrong : I learned a lot of new and useful tricks.

Your class gave me the desire to do the "one poster one day" challenge, but instead of focusing on people I admire like you do, I chose to illustrate a different song that I love for each poster.

This is Black Bull, a powerful rock song by the band Foals
The bull picture is mine, but I had to take a photo from the internet for the singer.
I didn't exactly follow all your steps but I hope you'll like it. I'm not quite happy with the font but I didn't want to spend way too much time on the poster so I left it this way. I would love to have some feedback if you have the time, in order to be more productive for the next ones :) 

Thanks again for this great lesson, cheers from France 



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