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Flavio Dechen

Assistant Art Director



Bizz Card

After watching the classes and following the step-by-step instructions I started to move text around and see how it'd work on the card area. Sometimes it's hard to free your mind from what you've seen on the videos, you can see that on the two left layouts – but I believe I was able to free myself to creation when I started emphasising text with color.

The top cards seems more balanced to me, even though I had to add a faded "bulb icon" on the right card to create balace – perhaps it isn't really the purpose of this class, but I really felt I should try something different from what I saw on the videos, but keeping what I learned in mind.

I tried to keep everything aligned. I like to work with margins ranging from 0.5 to 1 cm, specially when it comes to cards. The guide lines may seem confusing, but they're pretty clear to me.

Since this is only one side of the card, I think adding elements as the "bulb icon" or a QR Code to create balance is too much information – specially the icon on the top right card. In this case, I believe the best layout (considering it's the card is printed on both sides) would be the top right.


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