Bizme: The Entrepreneurship game

What you get from Bizme:

  • a relevant and current with today entrepreneurship game
  • real life situations derived from real companies and events
  • interactive game you can share but most importantly learn from

Anatomy of Bizme:

  • Create a game for IOS and Android that ignites and brings out the entrepreneur in you
  • Make it as addictive and desirable to play like angrybirds
  • Learn valuable tips from the game and apply to real life
  • Allow in-game "product placement" advertisement that are part of the game (not pop ups)
  • Mix the customization features of "create a player" of Madden, the simulation of a SimCityesque game, build the user community up like of Instagram all together and add real life and current to whats happening in the world.

I want to create a mobile game that involves helping people of all stages of life be involved in a simulated start-up environment. It definitely would be a game but create in a way that you come out of it like you know more and actually could do this in real life type feeling.

There would be two modes: Start Up and Take Over.

Start up is self-explanatory. You pick what industry you want to go in (the game would only promote the hottest industries now or things that are actually interesting) and then a through a series of levels you see how your business fairs based on your decisions.

Take over mode would kind of like be a short episode . Like for example, marketing campaigning, merger, export management or other topics.

I kind of need to creat more content and structure of the game but I have a basic an idea. Maybe start out simple and then expand. But I kinda want this game to be like the season mode of Madden just in the business/entrepreneurship/start-up context.

If you have any ideas of input on how to make this game better or define the game better feel free to comment. I would really appreciate it.


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