Bittersweet  - student project

Name: Sage


  • brown eyes
  • wavy, very dark brown hair (ending just above chest)
  • hair constantly put in a ponytail
  • 5'8
  • average/slightly slim
  • light freckles on upper cheek (next to nose)
  • wears casual clothing


  • considerate of what people think of her (doesn't want people to feel upset with her)
  • "people-pleaser"
  • heavily opinionated yet most likely won't voice her opinion around people she doesn't know well or doesn't feel comfortable around
  • stubborn around people she feels comfortable around to voice her opinion 
  • restless and spontaneous in pursuing something she wants to do
  • awkward at times
  • indecisive


  • when nervous or in awkward situations, she will be prone to saying random sentences or telling a joke to break the tension. often times, trying to quickly avoid the topic
  • rocks back on forth on heels when saying something important
  • shakes feet when sitting down (out of boredom)


  • lived in LA her whole life
  • close to younger brother 
  • parents overprotective over younger brother 
  • easily stressed when people begin fighting (verbally or physically)
  • fears being alone and losing people
  • dad wants her to be successful like him


  • overthinks situations (mostly based upon family/friend problems as opposed to activities)
  • clingy to friends (in fear of them leaving her)
  • easily guilt-tripped 
  • has a need to have (many times) unrealistic expectations reached
  • unfocused often times lost in thought

Internal Conflicts:

  • the constant pressure of her parents comparing her to others
  • having to get over the feeling of having to make upset with her and learn to voice her opinion regardless if somebody else may not agree/realise that not every expectation she sets will be accomplished

External Conflicts:

  • feeling out of place and lost throughout the whole vacation in relationships (romantic and friendship) -- feeling of third wheeling everybody
  • her trying to have the perfect, ideal vacation