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Bittersweet Lies

Target Primary Audience: 

The target audience would be Teen Fiction/Romance readers who are still in high school or are newly graduated and starting college. 

Short Blurb: 

After a devasting blow from her boyfriend, Skylar Greyson goes looking for some "fun" with a guy. Without thinking of what is happening, she is sucked into even bigger plan than she can remember. 

Long Blurb: 

Skylar Greyson has been in a intimate relationship with Zander Wheiler for a year since her best friend set them up together. On their one year anniversary, Zander suddenly breaks up with her leaving her heartbroken and betrayed over the reason why. Wanting to feel loved by someone, Skylar makes a deal with the person despises the most. 

Theo Rosales hasn't always been known as a sweet angel, which is why his father is threatening to send him to a private school. Not just any private school, but Kent's Behavioral School for Boys. If he doesn't get his grades up and start a serious relationship with a nice girl, he can pack his bags and say goodbye to his inheritance. 

Sample Pages:

"I don't think we should see each other anymore."

It felt as though everything around me was frozen, and I could barely form words to speak. I felt the smile I had on my face seconds ago, start to disappear into a thin line. I pulled my hands away from his grasp and leaned back into my chair.

This was our one year anniversary.

This was our one year anniversary.

I didn't know whether to cry or start yelling at him. I wanted to cry because Zander was my first and only boyfriend I had ever had, and he was breaking up with me on our one year anniversary. I wanted to yell because he was breaking up with me on our one year anniversary. He had 364 other days that he could have ended the relationship, but he decided to ask on our anniversary. OUR ANNIVERSARY!

None of us said anything for a few minutes. All I could hear were the voices of the couples around us, and the clinking of silverware against the plates of food. I don't know what I was expecting in those few minutes. Maybe I was hoping that he would smile and laugh while saying, " I'm just kidding."

That didn't happen. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat and ran a hand through his hair. I knew that gesture. It was the same thing he did when we got into fights and knew it was his fault.

"If you don't mind," I kept my eyes focused on the table in front of me, "Can I ask you a few questions?"

"Of course, Sky." Zander's voice was filled with guilt, and I didn't dare move my eyes from the silverware.

"Why now? Why on our one year anniversary?" I could feel the tears start to build up, and looked up towards the ceiling to stop them from streaming down my face.

Zander took my right hand into both of his hands, " I've been wanting to tell you for a while now, but I just haven't had the courage to tell you until now. I know this is the worst time to tell you. I just needed to get it out while I could say it."

Taking my eyes off the ceiling, I looked at him, tears starting to run down my face. It felt as though something was clawing at my throat, making it difficult to breathe in the situation. I couldn't believe that Zander was breaking up with me. Of course, we had a few fights here and there, but it wasn't bad enough for him to break up with me.

"How long have you felt this way? When did you decide that you wanted to break up with me?" I barely choked out the words. I was on the verge of bawling in public in front of everyone in the restaurant.

His brown eyes lowered to our hands joined together," For about four months now. Sky, I still love. Just as a friend, now"

I let a small gasp. Again, I took my hand from his and started to wipe the tears away. Four months ago, he decided he wanted to end our relationships. He didn't tell me in those four months. I started to remember all the kisses we had in the past four months. All that time he wasn't feeling the same love that I had for him.

I looked over to him, and he had a few tears streaming down the side of his face too. I looked at the boy who used to be my boyfriend, and who I still loved.

Tonight was supposed to be our special night. That special night. Zander was supposed to take me to one of the most expensive restaurants in town, we would exchange gifts, and I have a romantic night together. That was what was supposed to happen. Just for this night, I had gone shopping with Wren for a dress to wear. I could see the little tear drops and the stains from the tears on the dark blue fabric. I had curled my hair for today and even did my makeup to look nice. No doubt that my mascara was running.

Continuing to wipe the tears off, I asked myself "why". Why didn't he love me romantically anymore? What had happened four months ago that made him change his mind?

"Why are breaking up with me?"

Zander lifted his face to look at me, and his faced had a look of worry. "I told you, I don't love romantically anymore."

"Yeah, but why? You can't just suddenly have a change of heart. Was it something I did? Was it something I said?" My voice was rising as I continued the sentence, grabbing the attention of the other couples around us.

Zander started to look at the silent eyes that were judging him and listening to what he was about to say next. Before, I would have cared about the stares, but I was too distracted to think about it.

" No, it was none of that," his voice was hesitant before saying, "It's not you, it's me."

I scoffed, "That's not an answer, that's an excuse. If you're breaking up with me, then I deserve the truth. Don't I?"

"Of course, but," Zander looked around the watching eyes," I don't want to hurt you."

A man who was sitting at the table next to us, he looked he was in his mid-fifties, said, " Well know you've got to tell her."

Zander sighed and looked me straight in the eyes, " I'm in love with somebody else."

There went my heart. Cracked into a million shattered pieces. I guess it's my own fault for asking, but I just couldn't resist. "Who?"

"I'd rather not say."

"Who?" My voice getting a little louder and angrier.


"Who is it?"I yelled at him. Causing all the eyes in the restaurant to look at us, and everybody to stop talking.

"It's Wren," his voice was barely louder than a whisper, but I heard clearly.

Wren was my best friend since first grade. Wren was the person who had set Zander and me together because she thought we were perfect for each other. Wren who texted Zander on a daily basis.

I no longer felt hurt. I felt angry. My boyfriend had been in love with my best friend for four months.

"I'm going to ask you this once, and I want you to tell me the truth." I took in a deep breath, "Did you cheat on me with Wren?"

"Sky, I would never! I haven't even told Wren."

I grabbed my clutch I had brought and stood up from my seat. I unclasped the necklace that Zander had given me for me birthday and laid it on the table.


"Goodbye, Zander. This was a wonderful date."


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