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Bitter Bits of Wisdom


These are divorce greeting cards for men and women. I created them while going through an end to a 30 year marriage. I drew the characters, created the logo and I have about 40 different cards for both sexes. I was crying and laughing at the same time. I used sayings from my own experiences, family sayings and ones I grew up hearing. These are funny cards-not mean in any way. I decided to not use any names so no one gets hurt. Should I use the two main characters on every card? I was using the "castle" idea for all of the illustrations. Where do I find someone who can fine tune the two main characters? My tag line is "Divorce is serious, these cards are not". Should I put this on the cards? What about the back of the card?

 After days of working on this design, I created this card.I felt like the splash of red represented the broken heart.




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