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Elevator Pitch

A subscription service for parents to teach their kids coding using robots, electronics and motors!


Parents want their kids to learn science, programming and electronics. Toys available today in ToysRUS or amazon that are cost efficient to get started. Hence, the options available for parents to teach their kids is very limited  and also parents themselves have a huge learning curve before they can get started with their kids. 

Robots and electronic kits today are also pretty expensive all the way from $100 - $300 just to get started. This becomes a huge barrier to entry for kids to learn. 

Business Idea

With this product I plan to offer a simple solution of being able to learn programming using Robots, electronics and motors!

Cost Structure

$29/month starter kits - Littlebits/Romomotive 

$49/month intermediate kits- TBD

$79/month advanced kits - Lego Mindstroms

Users can keep the kit as long as they want. Incase they decide to purchase it, monthly subscription can be deducted from the final price


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