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I work at Dev Bootcamp, a web development school.  I've been creating logos for our student cohorts.  This logo is for the last cohort of the year, the Bison.

I enjoyed this course a lot.  I have done some hobby illustration in the past.  I am self-taught, and it was nice to see another process—the similarities and the differences.  I try to mimic the style of designers whose work I enjoy, and it was cool to hear Fraser's thought process while he was designing a logo.  I enjoyed the process of revision by totally redrawing the lines rather than always just adjusting what's already there.  The tip for limiting tangents was also really helpful because it made adjusting lines so much simpler.

I would like to see another example from Fraser on illustrating an animal's full body rather than just the head.  I struggled with what the right level of detail would be, wanting to capture detail in the face while not making it too busy for the rest of the logo.  I'd also like to hear his thoughts on incorporating text into the illustration.  It's another point I struggle with.


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