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Bison Logomark Study

I'm starting on this project a while after it was posted, but this is my first Skillshare! Excited to start my journey on a lot of projects. 

For this project, I decided to do a bison. I just felt they were a cool animal, and could present some fun opportunities. I thought they'd give me some interesting curves, and shapes, so I went with it! Let's jump into things. 

Here's my reference image. I really liked the simplicity of his stature, while still giving me legs, a horn and a good face silhouette to work with. 

These are my sketches, trying out various possibilities. As I got further in, I started repeating some of the elements I liked, while experimenting with others, until I found the version of each element that I liked best. I've never done animal sketches before, but I really enjoyed the process of trying to find the simplest forms in the bison. 

So here we have my two final, barely different sketches. I ended clean tracing the one on the left. I sketched these a little more, so as to work on getting each curve and shape correct in a single sketch, as well as finding some common lines, etc. 

Here's the final guy. I really like the shapes and curves I've got going on in this one. There are some things I definitely want to work on once I can see it vectorized. Speaking of, thats next up. 

So here's my current vector guy! I have some shapes to work on still, but I like him at this point! The second image is detailing some of the areas where I plan to work on him aver the next few days. His "beard" looks a little bill-like to me, those hooves need to have the same width and curve, the raised foot I'm still not sure about, since it's so different from the others, but even in the real image, it looks pretty simplified, since his hoof is turned in. And then just some curve corrections, and leg width editing. Once I have a final shape, I'll go ahead and grid him out. Any suggestions, or changes you think need to happen, let me know!

Thanks everyone!


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