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Bishop Trip + Bus Trip

Thanks for helpful class Joe. I love taking photos with my iPhone, but I was always a bit overwhelemed by all of the editing options offered by the different photo editing apps. It was helpful to have the best features pointed out in each one. 

For the following photos, I usued the same workflow that you show us in the class, but I feel like I could keep building on it to make it my own. 

(I did two sets of two, instead of one set of three.)

Bishop, CA



I went camping in Bishop in November 2015. It was raining in the morning, and snowing in the mountains above. After the sun rose, it broke through the clouds a bit to create some really beautiful light. I was able to capture that a bit better with the tools learned in this class. I think I still need to improve in making the colors more consistant; it was a bit tricky since the photos were taken a few hours from each other with slightly different lighting conditions.

Bus and Bart, San Francisco, CA



I'm always taking photos when I'm on public transit. I think the reflections on the windows can be really interesting, and the contrast between natural and fluorescent light can be really beautiful. 

Thanks again!

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