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A woman was waiting at a train station one night, with several hours before her departure.  With a single suitcase and a purse, she brought out a bag of biscuits she purchased earlier as she sat down in an empty bench.

Placing her purse and sweets beside her, she reached for her suitcase and pulled out a book while a scruffy old man made his way toward the bench and sat down beside her.  With the purse and biscuits between them and no place to go, she scooted over a few opposite the man. 

As she read through her book, she would grab a biscuit from the empty seat next to her and eat it eloquently, but after a while she noticed that every time she would reach for one, the scruffy old man would grab one too.

This continued for several hours and with every treat he took, she grew bothered and furious, “How can anyone be so rude?!”, she thought to herself. 

She snared and glared at him as the hours passed by.  When it came down to the last biscuit, she wondered what he would do.  She reached for the treat and watched him out of the corner of her eye cautiously, but before she could grab it, he was quick to act. He quickly snatched it and broke it in half.  With his arm extended, he tried to share, but she no longer able to contain herself, opened her mouth and began to yell, “You insolent man! I have never met such an ingrate brute!”

Her train arrived and she gathered her belongings. Walking towards the train, she turned around to take a final look at the biscuit thief as he continued to sit on the bench smiling and waving good-bye. 

The woman boarded the train and sat at her seat looking out her window, she reached in her purse only to find her biscuits were there all along.

If the biscuits in her purse were hers, the ones she ate were his and he only teid to share. 

Here is the initial concept for the woman in my story!
I'm still currently working on the male character's design, but i will include it once I've completed it.

Any feedback is helpful! Both in the story and visual images.



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