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Birthday pattern

Step 1: Discuss the typefaces chosen

I like how this album logo is put together. I see it uses only one font type, an old fashioned font, nothing too complicated, still is wonderfully made. The play with font sizes catches the attention. I really like it.


This is a children's book cover, "Good night from Noah's Arc". I like the playful children's font. It is easy to read, large size, and encircles the center image without robbing the attention away from the animals. It is a nice complement of image and font.


This is a book cover "Prepare: practical guide for new dads". The font is nothing but warning, alarm, red color, large size, exclamation point, no decor, no flowers, no serif types, no sweety fonts, nothing else but red sans serif font in a white background. 

The message reaches across with this font style.


Step 2: Collating ideas for the typographic pattern

This is an initial draft, needs to be worked out still, but some comments would be nice. The fonts I tried were fonts with a graphic element and sans serif. I still have to check how it all comes together in a pattern. 


This is the pattern: 




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