Birthday card

Birthday card - student project

Here is the final result for my project. I think I prefer the version without the circle in the middle because the plants are cut in a weird fashion I find with little bits of stems sticking at the edges. I am not never sure about font baiting in terms of size, thickness etc. Maybe I should make it a few points smaller so that it interferes less with the leaves. 

Birthday card - image 1 - student projectBirthday card - image 2 - student project

Lovely project and very addictive for sure. I will try on t he iPad as well. 

Birthday card - image 3 - student projectI started with the leaf and the plant on the right. I have the plants without flowers and another version of the middle plant just bigger where I combined two of them.

Birthday card - image 4 - student project

These are the motifs I started with - the leaf at the right, first row and its derivates. Some are not great, I cut them with the mouse. I also made a few color variations. I used the red one from the second row for the red flower on the plants.The flowers in the middle row were just color tests, I like the orange one next t the leaf in the middle, then the orangey one in the row under and the red one under that. Bottom row - other berries recolored. The two yellow petals at the right come from the same top leaf and I used them for the yellow flower. 

Thanks Silvia!


Her is also the dark background version. I think there are a couple of leaves going towards the center of the circle that interfere with the text I think I will remove them. It is always hard for me to chose a background color that is dark enough and not too dark.Birthday card - image 5 - student project

 And the rectangular version. I went to town with this thing no question about that ...

Birthday card - image 6 - student project