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Birthday Tongue of Thanks!

I took this fantastic photo of my son showing us his colourful tongue while eating his birthday cake. It's so emblematic of who he is! (If not a little gross? Haha!) I figured it would be great to use this photo in a "Thank You" card that he can send to his friends and relatives to give thanks for his birthday gifts. He's a lover of all things 'Batman' so I kept with the batman colour theme for the photo. The font I used is called "Cafe Rojo" and although I don't use it in my professional work very much, I always look for a reason to add it to documents because I just love it so much! It's super fun! I decided to put a black stroke around the white font so that it would not dissapear against the bright yellow background. 

I think I could have done better cutting out the image from the background, there is a bit of red showing through his hair on his head from the red balloons which were behind him. But, it's very difficult to mask out the colours through a buzz cut! So, next time I would pay more attention to this small detail. Otherwise, I think it turned out well! 

Anyway, I learned a lot about using masks to help with my graphics that I did not know before, so I certainly gained quite a bit from this lesson. THANKS! ;) <- See, I did that on purpose! 


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