Birthday Present for a dear friend.

Birthday Present for a dear friend. - student project

This was a birthday present for a friend. 
It was really inspiring this tutorial and I was amazed at the end. I was really excited about finishing this one.
I never learned so much, is such less time and without going back to the tutorial.
And for a guy we learned PS and AI lately, it really had a huge impact. Thank you for that Vasjen (Greetings from Tirana and thank you for the great work you are doing).

I had to change a bit the feel from abstract to something related to him, so I took two silhouettes of my friend, doing things that he loves to do; acting and playing football. 
He went through some hard times recently and I wanted to do to him something that he could always look up around his house, hanged on the wall, and remember what he is capable of, such beautiful things.

I printed this out and delivered it yesterday. He loved it.

Huge thanks Vasjen. Keep up the good work.

Birthday Present for a dear friend. - image 1 - student project