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Birthday Cards

29th September 2014

Hello, and welcome to my very first Skillshare project! I'm Zoe, and I am a complete beginner. Because of helath issues I've been unable to study using the traditional paths, so I've decided to take things into my own hands.

In just over two weeks it's my sister-in-law and nan's birthday, so - possibly unwisely - I've decided to use this class to design and make their birthday cards and am combining the two into one project. I'm hoping the deadline will motivate me to actually get on and do it! (Although there's a distinct possiblility it will come crashing down around my ears and I'll have to resort to Tesco's appaling fare last minute)


"Those who love deeply never grow old" - for my nan. The full quote adds "they may die of old age, but they die young", but that seems a little grim for a birthday card! There's some confusion as to whom this quote is attributed to, Benjamin Franklin, Arthur Wing Pinero, and Dorothy Canfield Fisher all being listed as the source in different places. I'm thinking of going with Franklin as he predates the other two.

"Life is a journey so enjoy every mile" - for my sister-in-law. I couldn't find a source for this one.

I'll also add "Happy Birthday" to each inside. (If there's time)


Not sure I really came up with a lot here, maybe it's inexperience. In addition to thinking about the phrases themselves, I also used the very specific audience to generate some ideas, adding some things I assosiate with them to the list. 

(Sorry about the edge, I'm writing in a notebook for this stage and they're hard to scan)

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Those who love deeply never grow old

Life is a journey so enjoy every mile

4th October 2014

Warm Up

Seeing as this is my first time lettering and I didn't really have a clue what I was doing I decided to start off with just figuring out how to draw letters.

Not perfect, but for my first try I'm pretty happy. Confidence raised somewhat I moved on to my warm up word. I chose love for my first phrase and enjoy from my second.

On the whole I'm quite pleased. They're definitely not perfect, but I am forcing myself not to spend hours trying to make them so given that this is the warm up and I've got a deadline. I'm a pretty huge perfectionist, so this is probably a good thing! I had quite a bit of trouble getting my 'O's right - getting them even and the curves right is really hard! The spacing's also a bit off on some tries, usually around the 'O' again, so that's something I'll watch for as I move on. I feel like I might've gone a little over the top with my ornate love, but actually I think I really like it. In contrast I also really like the simplicity of the sans serif enjoy.

Now onto the sketching!


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