Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards - student project

My main subjects are my dogs. We're big on practicing tricks (amongst other things), which is always great for photos, I'm not big on store bought greeting cards as I like a personal touch and as the dogs are the best part of me, they're usually front and center for personalized greetings. In this shoot I created a set for birthday greetings trying to use the attributes each dog brings to the table. Guinness likes holding stuff (Labrador Mix), Baileys has a great feel for how to peek at the camera, and Johnnie Walker can't really be rattled by anything. All together they or ratherwe work great as a team.
(Please no worries, I did not risk the dogs getting burned, and added the flames in editing)


Birthday Cards - image 1 - student project


Birthday Cards - image 2 - student project


Birthday Cards - image 3 - student project

Jen Eales
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