Birthday Card!

This was a really fun project! I deviated from the holiday card theme as my mom's birthday fell right on the class deadline :). I used to write a ton of letters and make a lot of art and this definitely brought me back to those days. I took Nicole's suggestion to make-do with what I had around the house and it ended up working quite well, despite some frustrations with an expired glue stick (first photo below). Overall, the card did the job, but more importantly, it really got me thinking about what projects I can do in the future and put me back in the mindset of a creator v. the habit I'd been in of just going to the store and buying cards. Thanks!!

(L) Inside of card, (R) I was really excited (and surprised) when I found a random glue stick lying around. Unfortunately, when I opened it, I realized it was sticky but largely too dry. I improvised with homemade double-sided tape but definitely will make sure to have some sort of glue / glue stick in the future!

Front of card. The letters are supposed to be balloons (not sure if this came across?).

Materials used: Watercolor paper for the card, construction paper for the words, christmas ribbon for the balloon strings, tape to stick everything to the card, scissors

Materials needed: glue / glue stick, hole puncher, dark or patterned card stock to up the contrast factor (loved this idea from the video!)


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