Birthday Card!


First off, I've always wanted to learn calligraphy!  I received the Pilot Parallel pens from one of my best friends as a gift, even though he didn't know that I was interested in taking on calligraphy...coincidence???  I have been watercoloring cards for friend and family birthdays, Christmas, etc.  What a good idea would it be to add a special personalized touch to the artwork!  So I decided to include what I learned from the class into the birthday card for my co-worker Ashley. 




I first practiced the basics, familiarize myself with each letter and strokes, making sure the spacing was adequate.  Once I knew which composition of letters I wanted, I went ahead and started to experiment with flourishes.



As a side note, I try and keep my cards at a standard size if possible, I take a 9x12 140# cold press water color paper and cut down to 2 - 5" x 8" "artboards", using the scraps as paint testers or mini pallettes...no waste here!  Then I get an 8.5x11 sheet of craft paper and make incisions at the corners to mount the artwork.  I thought this would be a good idea if people wanted to frame the artwork, they could remove the image and keep the card stored away.  The 5" x 8" card also gives me a continuous 0.25" border once I fold the 8x11 sheet in half...nifty! After all is done, my 8.5" x 5.5" card fits nicely in a 8.75" x 5.75" social envelope that I can pick up at Wal Mart.

I wrote "Ashley" on the watercolor paper cover, it is a mix of the standard red cartridge and a bit of cadmium watercolor red I had on my palette.  I kept the flourishes to a minimum so it wouldn't take away and distract from my little birdy there. Then on the inside cover I wrote "Ashley" with the flourishes I practiced.  To be honest I believe the name on the cover was better executed, the inside cover looks a bit rushed (and it was) but my dear friend Ashely enjoyed it very much!  Lastly, getting my other co-workers to sign her card.


I know I still need much more practice, but I believe this Stronglines series by our beloved teacher to be such a treasure and a must for beginners calligraphy!

Thank you Mrs. Alice!


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