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Birmingham - from the heart of the UK

Hi everyone, greetings from the UK!

I'm Dave and I shoot in Birmingham, a city at the heart of England that was responsible for the Industrial Revolution and Black Sabbath, amongst many other things. I've had a lot of fun exploring my city for this great class, so here's my final selections.

Oh, if you're interested I'm @davemusson on Instagram - looking forward to checking out your feeds over the rest of the weekend. Anyway, less talk, more rock...


This is the interior look up in a building called The Cube, which is fairly recent addition to Birmingham's skyline, and hosts fancy restaurants, apartments and weird sculptures including this one of the child floating across the sky. It's a bold building and a great look up subject.


Shot at the city market - I was drawn to the stereotype in this image...the younger man checking his smartphone while the older guy preferred to read an actual newspaper. It also helped that their attention was otherwise occupied, so they didn't notice me pointing my lens at them!


Some Saturday morning traffic on the city's ring road.


I opted for movement as my night time pick, but wanted to capture a moving person rather than a bus or a train.

That's me done :-) If you like these I also posted some outtakes over on my Tumblr - let me know if you'd have picked any different ones!

Thanks to trashhand and VSCO for putting this together.


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