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Jeremy Foy

CEO/Creative director of BirdsEyeView Clothing



BirdsEyeView Clothing


Who & Location: Jeremy Foy | Fairfield, Ca

Launch Date: March 2013

Brand Name: BirdsEyeView

I just want to start by saying how amazing it is at all the young talent there is in this class, with all the submissions already entered!  Whether you've been in the game for a while or you're just starting, taking that first initial step towards your passion is 75% of the mission.  I will be giving constructive feedback on every submission and I would love for you all to do the same, there is no me without you, we fly together!  


Mission statement/Slogan

Changing the way you look at things will not only help you discover things you have never noticed, it will also help you discover your true self. At BirdsEyeView, we believe there is no goal too high to reach.  Aim high.  Elevate yourself above that goal ,open your eyes and you will see how easily obtainable it really is. Be humble, Be fly, and always be on top.

Three words we live by, the 3 C's

  • Compassion
  • Consistency 
  • Creativity


BirdsEyeView's vision: To tie in the street culture we all know and love while living a positive lifestyle. Becoming a bird, having no limits, live stress free, flocking with those who will help you become succesful, and being fly!  Bringing together those who will not settle for a mediocre lifestyle, and continuously reveal their creativity to the world. Letting go of anything in life that weighs you down is the only way you will ever be able to fly.  Always strive to be a master at your craft, but always having the willingness to learn more. The sky is not the limit, but merely the halfway point to a life full of endless opportunites. #BIRDLIFE

Target audience:


DISCOVERING THE NAME: After my discharge from the Marine Corps, after 5 years of active service, I was really eager to make use of my free time and find what I was really passionate about. I sat and pondered for a few months, looking through old yearbooks just trying to relive what truly made me happy.

After seeing a picture of me in a yearbook from 2004, being featured for a clear backpack that I designed with various candy wrappers, and a wallet I made out of Starburst wrappers, I remembered how much I loved creating and designing things.  I also remembered cutting cartoon characters out of posters, laminating them and attaching them to my pants and hoodies during high school. This was it, I knew I wanted to create my own brand! 

       ++ Driving to work one day stuck in traffic I was just going through ideas of possible brand names; bacon wrapped clothing(everythings better with bacon), random tuesday clothing(why not); just to name a few.  Then I looked up at the billboard on the freeway lined with about 30 birds and I thought, "Damn, I'm sitting here stuck in traffic and those birds are up there living life free, just chilling, looking down on all of us going to work(most of us miserable), I want to be those birds."  BirdsEyeView was officially born! *tear*++



LAW OF ATTRACTION:  I spent days brainstorming of designs, logos, and slogans. I would literally dream BirdsEyeView, wake up and jot down my dreams on a notepad(highly suggested).  While talking to an old buddy about my vision of the brand he mentioned to me that the vision of my brand sounds like the way one of our old friends from middle school lived his life.  Days later I organized a meeting with the two of us. After the meeting I realized how much he opened my eyes and changed my vision of BirdsEyeView. At this point I knew he was the one I wanted to work with, and since then he has been my main partner, running all of our sales and operations as well as playing a big role in marketing. I call this law of attraction because I feel like our two brains were meant to collide and without happening there would be no BirdsEyeView.




Evolution of the logo:

Not having any graphic design experience I knew it would be hard to put my ideas to life, but I like challenges and I constantly thrive to learn and evolve into something better.  In this section I would just like you to see how the logo has changed in the past 5 months, and how finding the right logo is really an intimate thing that has to come organically.

BEV's first logo

It really is funny to look back on past work and try to process what you were thinking. Aside from my lack of graphic design skills, I really put thought into this logo. Here, I was trying to use the eye as a symbol of the pineal gland, which falls into the whole law of attraction and positivity feeling I wanted my brand to carry, I added a wings to give it the "bird" touch. In all honesty I printed this logo out set it on my night stand and I threw it away after about 3 days of looking at it and hating it. But it was definitely a step in the right direction.

BEV's 2nd logo

After hating my first logo I did lose a little self confidence with my ability to produce a strong solid logo.  I did not want to waste to much time on trying to master graphic design and find the perfect logo, which could of went really bad or really good. So I hired a designer I found on Instagram and asked him to design me a logo for my brand.....that he did. I briefed him on the brands mission statement and my vision as a whole and this is what he created. I was actually really stoked at first, and actually used it on my first T-shirt design(I'll show later). But after bettering my graphic design skills, really digging deep and finding my a true brand identity I did not think this logo was the one. *r.i.p*

BEV's Final logo

Now 5 months in to being a self taught graphic designer, I decided to toss the 2nd logo and create my own. I really wanted a icon logo that would basically say my brand name with out a text logo. I put myself back in my car stuck in traffic, looking up at the billboard, and it all finally clicked! I knew exactly what I wanted and this is the final logo. I learned that forcing a logo off the bat might not always be the best idea, but what forcing a logo did for me was help me find the true meaning of my brand and let the logo basically design itself. 


Our progress: When we launched I kept having this dream of this crew neck sweater, so I put together a design hooked up with a printer in Los Angeles and got the crew necks ordered! The feeling of actually receiving our product was a feeling words can't explain! 

Before we received our first order we had a few sample snapbacks made to see how they would look and the response we would get from them!

(Sample 1)

(payattention, was our message basically saying open your eyes to whats really going on)

(This hat pictured was a sample we put out to tie in with our Lovelution collection, the response was great)

While waiting on the crewnecks we decided we should release a hat and a Tee to go with it, and we called this collection the Lovelution project! Lovelution is the idea of evolving into something for the love and passion of it, and letting go of all the negative BS that weighs you down. We called the crewneck, "fly with us".  

Where we failed in this aspect is not having a product shoot, lookbook shoot or any kind of shoot to display our product besides from the customers who shared there pictures with us! At this point we knew this whole Lovelution collection was going to be an exclusive release that we would probably never release again. We also knew that we had to focus on quality and packaging to make it extra special.

+With limited resources we had to make this work, because there was no other choice, below is an image of how we packaged our crewnecks!

We wrapped each crew indivdually with a hemp burlap, stuck some feathers in the front of the wrap and placed our original logo sticker on the front, finishing them off with their own poly bags! We also had hangtags attached the the left armpit and hem tags sewn on to the bottom left of the crew to give that special touch of quality! We had a great response with the crew necks selling out of all 100 pieces in a little over a month!!


The highlight of the crewnecks is when Trinidad James brought our crewneck on stage in San Francisco and shouted out BirdsEyeView! (Trinidad James with Fly with us Crewneck)

The response from the crewnecks was so amazing, having sold out of all 100 pieces , we could not wait for our last piece of the Lovelution collection to come in. The "lovelution tee". Below are just some more images of our crewneck and lovelution snapback!


Another climax of this journey was actually going to the post office and delivering these orders from all over the United States, knowing that random people you never met want to wear your gear, is a feeling you can't explain!


Lovelution tee: This was the final piece to our first collection. Since it was already April by this point everyone was waiting on a T-shirt. When creating this design we knew we wanted Lovelution on the tee, but we also wanted one of our tag lines, F.L.Y= first love yourself. 

We loved everything about this design and the meaning behind it, but after recieving our shipment we realized, it was way to cluttered with text and we honestly did not like the Tee at this point.

Despite us not liking the Tee we knew we couldn't let 100 pieces go to waste so we promoted the shirt online, and suprisingly the response was great! We sold all 100 pieces in about 2 and a half months! Not as fast as a turn around as our crewnecks but hey, we did the job. (This was a collage of a few of the people who sent us pictures online through Instagram)

+The highlight of our lovelution tee is when rapper AP9 was seen wearing our tee in the Bay Area at a tattoo shop, we drove out there just to meet with him.

Attention to detail: As we did with our crewnecks, we knew that printing shirts on a plain hanes shirt and selling them would not have a lasting impression with the consumer, so we again added the small things that give the Tee quality! Hangtags, hem tags, custom wash tags and polybagging!

(here we were just comparing our hem tags to Pink Dolphin hem tags to show the customer the size difference)(Bay area rapper Doe the unknown wearing our tee at his video shoot in Vallejo California)(I love this picture of a BirdsEyeView supporter out at some event it looks like, just screaming)


THINKING SMART: we knew we wanted to run with BirdsEyeView til the day we died, and we understood this is a learning and growing process, but we had to think long term. We quickly used our money from our first collection and made ourselves legal. Yes, LLC, we went the LLC route simply because it will evidently save us and all of our belongings. Let me tell you, it is a strenuous process but as Jeff said, it willl be well worth it in the beggining rather than waiting until later. HIGHLY SUGGESTED


ReThinking: After our first collection selling out over a 3-4 month span, we really learned a lot from the journey. Though we made a good turn around we still didn't have the slogan/mission statement I have shared with you in this project. We decided to take some time to really think about our vision and simplify our brand. Over this course of time we started making little photos to share as a way of branding to help our current support system remember us we while established ourselves. Here are a few of those pictures! 



During this rethinking phase we gained a pretty good following, I got over 4000 followers on Instagram and the actual BEV instagram got about 1000, social media is king and we learned that. We were getting a great response, and people couldn't wait to see more gear.  This is where I think we wrong; not having gear when the consumer wanted gear.  This could make the people looking in not take you seriously if you're not releasing gear but posting mockups of gear they want AT THAT TIME! 


SETBACKS: We were rewriting our mission statement, slogan and coming up with a new logo, when we noticed we had no solid website, this is still a problem for us. Although we have a bigcartel account with eshopping available, it is the most basic website you will ever see.  We are still currently working on finding someone to design us a welcoming website, as we know this is where most of our sales were occur.  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++This to me is one of the biggest tools you can have when running a clothing brand!


Additional logos: although we had agreed on a final logo(cloud with bird) I made a few more logos before hand that we actually might use in future designs(FEEDBACK WELCOME)


Since we are from the bay area of California I really wanted to do a few designs that bay area sports fans would love, so I put together a couple mockups of the SF giants and Oak A's

The response was great on these but since we just dumped our money into our LLC we could not afford to get these produced at the time.  Another mishap on our behalf because we had a lot of people who wanted these designs and we never came through! 


Images of mocked up logo at different scales: 


In all honesty I think one of our main downfalls is resourcing, my very limited graphic design skills, and the ability to produce great product right out of the gates is kind of where I feel my company is lacking strength. I will keep teaching my self graphic design so that I will be able to create better graphics for my clothing line! If anyone has any suggestions on learning GD or anyone themselves is interested in taking on this project just let me know in the comments!!

|Work in progress|


Currently we are working on a few summer designs that should be releasing in a few weeks! Here are some mockups I created just to give an idea of what we're going for. Please give me feedback!!!!


This hat is also in the works which will be released with the tanks, the hat is a floral brim with gold chain accent and real wood engraved with our logo, screwed into that hat with gold plated screws!!


+++++++UPDATE: Our printer just sent us a few pics on the progress of our tanks !! Take a look!! 


The arrival: No matter how many designs you've released, that feeling of seeing the finished product is so amazing!!! Just got in our Rare Bird tanks !! 

Images of Collection CADs: coming soon

Over the past few days I've been thinking of what I wanted to name my headwear and I finally thought of a something fitting with my brand, "Over your head". I will put this slogan on every peice of headwear. I think it really fits with the whole message as well as a play on words seeing as its being used on headwear. Here is a mockup of a hat I put together.


Rebranding: Me and my partner are really putting our all into this brand, putting my ego to the side we finally agreed it is in our best interest to hire a freelance graphic designer to help us produce quality designs and product! I'm excited for this next step in our journey! Thank you all for taking the time to give me some feedback on my work thus far, I wish you all the best of luck with your future endeavors.  

Instagram: @birdseyeview_clothing

Twitter: @birdseyeviewcL

Facebook: /birdseyeviewclothing


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