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Bird's eye view day 17

We saw this high wall on our walk and I asked Lucy to climb on it to take my photo. It was quite a job not to lie down on top of dog shit, so I decided to choose this breadth of concrete.

Day 16 blub

No words. Just blub.


Day 15 Under Cover

The amount of crook I have in me is impressive! 



Play like Pippi day 14

I've always wanted to do this.


Day 13, record cover

Ahhh memories...

Toon Hermans

Toon Hermans was one of our greatest comedians, who inspired many comedians who came after him. The master of presence, timing and facial expression and he could write beautiful songs and sing those wonderfully. 





Andy Pratt

I listened to Andy Pratt in my Christian period. I must have been 16. Very difficult to get the lines right and of course I need a new sofa.



The Smiths

This was about ten years later, mid eighties, but I don't remember listening to them. It was fun to recreate the background in a very low tech and sloppy manner.



Day 12 shadow story

With a little help from a friend :).


Day 10, dressing up

It's gay pride in Amsterdam today. I thought I'd go in style today. The boa is rather hot though.


Day 9 Upside Down

My face turned red as a lobster. This is slightly better.


Day 8 Motion blur

This was fun, but not very easy to do with my phone. I wanted to do the third blur option and have myself in focus and the rest blurry, but it became option two (everything blurry) most of the time :). I like the one where I held my phone high, also because of the effects in the background (and I don't look too worrisome).42e24f89




Day 7, Zoom out and run!

Didn't feel much like posing so I ran.


Day 6, Hockney

I might still do this, but skipping it now (I am already the guinea pig).


Day 5, the book

My word was 'elastiek', it means rubber band. It immediately reminded me of my childhood.



Day 4, the mirror.

Yes, that is me in the video being the guinea pig and this is one of the results. 



Day 3, Waar is de taart? Where is the pie?
It's my new book. Perfect to emerge from.


Day 2, the object

This object is my melodica, which I normally use for singing practice, but now I'm just playing it.


Day 1, the body part

My locks...



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