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Birds at sea

Hi Mimi!

I like your class and decided to submit a project on it! I am currently doing my 365 logo daily challenge where I come up with logos every day. I mostly draw and design letters and logotypes and I like to combine them with photos. I also have a "minimal animal" logomark series. Your class gave me this inspiration to put these animals on images. So in this project, I am going to place my "Birds at sea" and "Seagull" designs into a nature background and see how it will come out ;)

I picked this photo I took last winter at the Beach:


There are 2 guys in the water and something like a boat in the distance, so I edited them out with the "clone stamp" tool. Then I modified the image according to your advices in the class, combining some of my own techniques:


I cropped the image and placed my "Birds at sea" and "Seagull" minimal animal vector drawings (the "rule of thirds" was rerally useful tip! )


Then I added the following effects :

- 7px motion blur to the firds flying above the sea

- gradient overlay on the seagull

- added noise to a copy of the seagull and set opacity to screen

- flipped a copy of the seagull vertically to create shadow underneath the original layer, added gaussian blur and used the free transform - perspective to make the angle match where the light comes through the clouds

The result:


It's a cool class! thanks Mimi ;)


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