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Heather Ota

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Birds at my feeder


I was inspired by the Finches that frequent my bird feeder just outside my studio.

Bird Sketches

I drew a variety of birds, seeds, and leaves, scanned them into my computer, and used the blob tool and pen tool to redraw over my sketches.


Color Inspiration

This original colors I chose were darker and richer than the ones I ended up with. I got this combo off of Pinterest then modified the colors a bit in Illustrator.


Illustrator Pattern

This is the original color combo and pattern. My dad likes crows so I made the birds dark indigo blue for him.


Color Variations

I had a wonderful time changing the colors and came up with at least 15 different color combinations. I also scaled the pattern to create different cards. I really like the large birds with the white background in the photo below. Changing the colors allowed me to emphasize different parts of the pattern over others.

Here are a few of my favorites:



Final Cards Printed

I printed 10 different colored cards. I really enjoyed this project. Creating the cards was so easy and fun.



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