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Birds and nature from Chile

So, here is my first photo set, with pictures from the south of Chile, at Lago Ranco.

Picture one: "Bandurria":

This bird is a "bandurria", not sure it's name in english. The line of the rock follows the rule of thirds lower margin, and the bird is on the lower right angle.

Picture 2: "two bandurrias"

This picture shows the same kind of bird, bandurria, but with its partner. The rock again follows the lower line of the rule of thirds, the right stick or branch also follows that logic, and the whole group of branches creates a frame around the birds.

Picture 3: "Diucon"

I am very happy about picture n°3, I think is one of my best pictures ever, although I know I was very lucky about the sun, the rain, and of course the bird (it's name in spanish is "Diucon"). Besides the bird, I bleive it has a good combination of oreground and background. I decided not to move the bird to the right by cropping the foreground, since I wanted to keep that.

Picture 3: Queltehue

This bird is called Queltehue in Chile. The lake's level follows the upper margin of the rule of thirds. The bird is on the upper right corner of the same rule scheme.

Picture 5: Forrest

This river is "framed" by the forrest. The upper part is aligned with the upper margin of the rule of thirds.

So that's my project. All comments are most welcome. I am really trying to improve my pictures, and since i am on vacation at this lake, I am trying to do my best. The camera that I used is a Canon SX500 IS, and i did some cropping and color leveling with Micorsoft Office Picture Manager (I am away from my computer wich has better photo editing software).


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