Birds Take Flight, Musical Accompaniment by Horse and Fish

I had started this project. Ah, technology! It obviously did not save.

Selecting details from Miro's work was a challenge. I could do a deck of playing cards worth of details from his work.

I finally limited myself to two paintings, Harlequin's Carnival and The Tilled Field. I am doing a block of four, two from each painting. Here are the elements.

The Tilled Field


Love this horse.


Harlequin's Carnival



I've discovered I love to draw fish.

Here are sketches I did of the elements I liked.


I'm not using the rabbit.

Here are the background colors I selected. Yellow shades with lighter tones for The Tilled Field elements and with touches of brown and green for Harlequin's Carnival details. 


Happy Day! My Uni-Posca markers arrived in today's mail. I can finish the project tomorrow!!!

Here's my project final.


The music notes indicate the horse is playing the instrument while the bubbles come from the fish singing. If I were doing it over I think I would make all the backgrounds the same lighter color. 


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