Miranda Harper





I've been trying to learn to use masks for quite a while and I hope I am understanding it correctly. Might have to take a couple more classes on just masking. BUT, I think I have done this project the right way. Once I finished it, I thought it looked maybe less complex than the other projects and I hope that is ok.

I started out with this great photo I took on my phone of a statue in a parking lot in Dallas.

I wanted to combine it with a bit more nature though. So instead of using the same photograph to creat my collage, I chose a photo I took during the fall at a lake in Missouri.

I combined them using the masks to make little circles of the leaves that the Birdman is holding and added some inner shadow effects and saturation for enhancement and got this:

I think I like it ok. It suits the purpose of this class. I'd give it a letter grade of B.


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