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Reika Hunt




Birdman in the Forest

Here is my progress in Phase 2, finally. I've completed my handdrawn stage.

I am planning to use textures for the leaves, to see if I can combine the two phases in an interesting way.

Here are some textures I've made and collected. I will probably make some more watercolor washes specifically for this piece.


Hello all! I'm an illustrator based in Japan.

I'm a little late coming to the class but I finally made a mood board and some sketches for the first phase.

I had an image of a bird-man walking through the forest, so I am going to try that for this project. My reference and mood board includes some images that I can use for reference in my final piece, as well as a color swatch group that I think will work well (although you never know). Because I had a pretty specific image in my mind, my rough sketches are all similar, but I think I am going with the bottom one with a little bit of sky showing. Although I had a specific image, the sketches were imporant in deciding on the composition.


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