Birdhouse Repeat design

Birdhouse Repeat design - student project

So I created this design and went to the recommended website.  I may have missed something in the class, but when I uploaded the the tile it wasn't a repeat pattern, it was just the block tile.  I also got messages that the dpi was to opened Photoshop, opened the tile I had created and defined it as a new pattern.  I then opened a 10k x 10k new canvas, created a new layer and did a fill with the birdhouse pattern.  Then I went back to artofwhere and selected the flare dress and uploaded the saved 10k X 10k pattern and had a dress.  I also used this on the pillow with success.

I found this to be a great class and love the website you recommended.  It gave me more design tools, helped me to slow down and take my time, reinforced skills on Procreate and I may just have to buy a pillow - :)


Birdhouse Repeat design - image 1 - student projectBirdhouse Repeat design - image 2 - student project

Victoria Johnston

Explorer - pixels, paint and pen