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David (Bruckaroni) Bruck

Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Animator




Here is my digital project template with specific notes. Next I will be working on the colored portion of them template.


Here is a more polished rough sketch. Planning on taking it into illustrator now and continuing to rework the design




This is one of my rough sketches I doodled out and happened to really like. I plan on reworking it and really defining it. I decided to name my piece "Birdbrained" which is kind of a play on words...something I really like doing. Rather than it being a scatterbrained or dumb bird tho he is actually a nerdy smart bird. That's why he is wearing glasses and perched on a pencil. I kind of like the idea of him being on the pencil too because it acts as a pencil which can be associated with nerds and at the same time acts as a perch which is associated with birds. I have lots of ideas for different variations on this project that i may try to work out when doing some more sketches and really defining where I want it to go. Thats in on the project for now hope you guys like the start of it!


After doing a bunch of sketches this is a more refined moodboard that i was inspired by the various shapes and elements from all of the pieces on this board.


This is my first skillshare class so i appologize if my post is a little rough or if i post something wrong. This was my original moodboard made up of all kinds of things that inspire me.



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