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Bird Watching

Hello, I'm Kim from Cork, Ireland. I've been knitting ever since I saw my mother do so and continue to pester her to teach me all she knows. Like most mothers, she just so happens to know everything so it's taking a while. Thankfully she's the most patient person I've ever known.

My first ever yarnbomb was a result of me breaking my leg during an intense snowball fight a few years ago. I was bedridden and had a lot of time on my hands...

The only public yarnbomb project I've been apart of was back in May during Voluntary Arts Week, where people from the UK and Ireland participated in craftbombing their local towns and cities. My two friends and I decided to infest our city with knitted mice. They didn't survive on the streets too long but we had a mice time. If you'd like to see more snaps of them you can have a look over on

Class Project Summary:

So for this project I've taking on a bit of a small creature theme again involving a wee bird who enjoys people watching. My plan is to yarnbomb a tree, maybe just the trunk and have the words 'bird watching' knitted or sewn it afterwards. Up above on a branch will be a bird with a camera hanging around his neck and also hanging in the trees will be some photos he's taken.

Vague Plans:

Tree Trunk

I have a bond knitting machine so once I've the measurements for the tree I'll be good to go. Sew/knit in the words 'bird watching'


This will be handknitted and be made small enough that it's still cute but also big enough that it will be seen. It'll probably be secured with cable ties or else sewn into the knitting if I continue it from the trunk along the branch. 

Camera and Photos

I might knit these or maybe just felt and sew them, whichever ends up looking better or turns out to be easier for me to do.

Will keep you updated on my progress/struggle! :)


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