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Birch Paper and Home

Hello everyone!  

I enrolled in this class to aid in defining my own brand identity.  I discovered quickly that my largest hurdle is in defining myself!  I have a wholesale stationery line, am a flea market treasure hunter, a serious upcycler, and a stylist of sorts.  I sell my creations directly at art and antique shows, through small and large antique and home decor shops, and wholesale to a small selection of retailers spread across the US.  This is my first attempt at writing a Creative Brief.  I know it needs further refining, but it is my "jumping-off" point.  

I look forward to following all of your creatiions throughout this course!

Creative Brief


Background: Michelle Graham is a former academic and present-day creative entrepreneur. She has a unique eye for combining ordinary items into interesting vignettes, and for bringing out new life in time-worn treasures. Michelle is a lover of old books and believes they should be an integral part of everyday life and décor.


Objective: Combine Michelle’s multiple business interests into one common brand identity. Create a brand identity that evokes key elements of Michelle’s style: functionality, simplicity and time-worn character.


Target Audience: Treasure hunters, collectors, creative spirits, and lovers of old books and antiques.


Message: Infuse everyday moments and spaces with character and charm using nostalgic elements. Life is too short for ordinary things.


Competition: Other paper crafters, decorators, antiques dealers and upcyclers. No specific companies or individuals.


Distinguishing characteristics: Michelle’s style, which combines found, crafted and upcycled elements to create functional spaces and enticing vignettes with character, interest and function. Michelle infuses her designs with softness, comfort and ease through the inclusion through paper and natural elements.


Creative considerations: Work with existing branch logo design. Include green/brown combination in overall color palette.


Key Words:

-time-worn                 -books/ephemera                 -soft

-eco-friendly              -simplicity/ease                     -interesting/unique 

-natural                      -functional

Mood Board

I've been playing with typography.  I love the fonts on my logo, but don't like either of them for body text.  I'd like to pick a third font, but I don't want to over-complicate.  Here's what I have so far:  hang tags, business cards front and back, post card, and packaging stickers.



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