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Angela Kirbyson

Graphic Designer



Birch Naturals branding identity

Birch Naturals is an all-natural based body care and beauty product line based in Vancouver, BC. Currently, the company is in the start-up stage, and is looking for an identity that captures their all-natural, west-coast spirit.

MOOD BOARD: Trying to evoke the key words from the brief. It is lacking a bit of colour... might add a bit more after more colour explorations.

LOGO: basic greys  so far... ready for colour exploration!

Local, natural skincare and makeup line competition logos (seeing a lot of green, brown and some fuschia!) 

Palette: Fresh, modern and friendly. Lines within the brand will be distinguished by colours, but on it's own, the logo will remain in soft grey tones. 

A conscious effort was made to stay away from the grass/lime greens, brown and fuschia tones. The colours of the palette are still natural, but sophisticated.

Typography: I've taken the typeface Justus from the logo (both italics and smallcaps) and paired it with a similarly classic serif Joanna MT Std. I wanted to keep the overall look classic and elegant, yet approachable. I'd love some feedback on this pairing. My concern is the lack of contrast - yet I do enjoy how the fonts sem to compliment each other. Thoughts?


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