Biometric Bias

Biometric Bias - student project

Biometric Bias is an installation I worked on with Aaron Wong-Ellis, Anthony Furia and Kevin Meric at the start of 2019. An algorithm trained on the Chicago Face Database assesses your image on six traits. (Our intention was to show what happens when biased data is used to make decisions.)

The animation is based on the way a convolutional neural network breaks down images into 3x3 grids to analyse them. The word “bias” comes in and throws everything off-centre, as bias tends to do.

I think there's an opportunity to explore how the grid itself might form and disappear over time to create something more dynamic.

Biometric Bias - image 1 - student project

One thing I realised watching the class is that I tend to focus on animating the elements of a logo that already exist—this is true with previous work. I'd like to experiment more with introducing new elements to animations.


Biometric Bias - image 2 - student project

Biometric Bias - image 3 - student project