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BioMecha Cover Art

Hello, I'm writing a series on Indie YA Novels called BioMecha and illustrating them. Simply the main character can turn into a robot/mecha called a biomechaniod or biomehca. Something of a spacewestern.

I'm taking the classes as I'm trying to develope my own style that is somewhere inbetween traditional western comic style and Japanese manga. Plus I need to know PS better and my graphics tablet if I'm to go to into illustration someday.

I like to start with a sketch on paper and go into finer details sketching in PS then do my linework from there. Coloring is something I'm learning since I really only know pure cellshading and a bit of soft shading. I don't know if I like thicker or thiner lines yet, I'm very sketchy with my lines. I guess I'll find out which suits me or my art best.

Here's one of my finished projects from this class, cover for my first book. It was interesting adjusting the techniques for metalic surfaces. I'm still working on smoother lines. Sky is a photomanip -

Here's the original sketch -

Here's another picture I did using the coloring techniques. This is the second cover art I did.

This is the other project I started though I don't think I will include it in the book but will use it to practice backgrounds which I've been hesitant with. I started with a sketch from Patrick Brown's previous class and fixed the face and head. - 

Flats for figure w/o BG -


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