Bio for Health & Wellness Writing

Bio for Health & Wellness Writing - student project


Starlit Way Studio brings your health and wellness brand to life with custom copywriting, content, and design. Generous time is devoted to learning about your goals, and creating an overarching strategy for your business.  

Clear and effective messaging is crafted to communicate the benefits you offer. Your brand design reflects the message, vision, and voice, and aligns with the strategy. The essence of your brand, and the story it tells, join in reflecting its unique energy.  

At Starlit Way Studio, we support all of your content and design needs. This may include email creation, website copy, blog posts, ads, social media, or course training materials. We complete every project to the highest professional standards. 

The studio is owned by Aimee N Youngs, with over 20 years of brand building experience. She earned a BFA in Graphic Design from the School of Visual Arts, and a Master’s in Instructional Design. She also completed a Certificate in Copywriting. As a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor, she practices meditation daily. Aimee lives in South Florida and is Mom to a beautiful son. 

Let’s bring good health and wellness to your brand. Connect for more information, or to schedule a call. 




Starlit Way Studio works with your health and wellness businesses to create copywriting, content and visual identity design that builds and reflects the meaning behind the brand. You started your business to help others, and your mission will always be clear to your target reader.  

The Studio is owned by Aimee N Youngs, with over 20 years of experience in marketing companies, both big and small. She’s worked locally and virtually to help clients build their brands.

When you work with Starlit Way Studio, you will be assured that ample time will be made to learn about your business goals, and develop the overarching strategy and the complete picture of your brand.  Clear and effective messaging will be created to leave a lasting impression on your clients or patients.  

The brand design will visually reflect your message, your vision, and your voice, in support of  perfect harmony with the total strategy.  Your brand’s purpose, essence, and position in the market will perfectly align with the stars and its unique energy.  

Starlit Way Studio will support your ongoing design and copy needs for a wide variety of materials. This includes email creation, website content, ads, brochures, social media, and any additional marketing pieces that are the lifeline of your marketing strategy. We also provide writing, design and development for courses or training materials. 

With every project, we provide the highest level of quality and care, just as you do for your clients and patients.  Your brand will provide a sense of connection before they even meet you.  

Aimee’s education includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, with a Minor in Advertising from the School of Visual Arts, NY. She also has a Master of Professional Studies in Instructional Design.  Additionally, she completed a Certificate in Copywriting.  Last but not least, Aimee is a Certified meditation and mindfulness instructor. 

Aimee lives in South Florida and has a beautiful son. She’s passionate about meditation, natural health, art/illustration, traveling, and nature.