Bino Gal

Bino Gal - student project

This class has helped me in way, I never imagined when I started the class! It was a very pleasant stumble and one that will last with me for a long time :)

I started the class with drawing the first action figure with confident lines using reference images and than using memory. At first i was a little nervous thinking, I will draw something really crazy but to my surprise drawing out of memory came out pretty okay than I had imaged. Ski from memory and ref. image.Bino Gal - image 1 - student projectBino Gal - image 2 - student project


Than went on to draw more action figures, which helped me a lot to understand the body parts and get familiar with them. It was a good practice! Bino Gal - image 3 - student project

Drawing characters inside random shapes was such a cool exercise! It took away the fear I had of drawing human figures! 

Bino Gal - image 4 - student projectBino Gal - image 5 - student project

Cutting out pieces with Scissors was fun. It opened up my eye to the fact that limitations helped me get some fun results! 

 Bino Gal - image 6 - student project

I feel elaborated body parts exercise was also so much fun, it opened up an endless sea of opportunities! 1st and 2nd draft!Bino Gal - image 7 - student projectBino Gal - image 8 - student project 

Digital illustration! Bino Gal - image 9 - student project

I am so glad to have found this class, I believe the take aways for me are many! Thank you so much for creating such a thoughtfully curated class!