Billowing Fairmount in 3 Colorways

Billowing Fairmount in 3 Colorways - student project

This is really my first repeating pattern and definitely my first time posting a surface pattern design project. I started watching surface pattern design classes on skillshare a few months ago and I am officially hooked! Love it, love it, love it. 

Recently I took my 6 year old to the High Museum of Art here in Atlanta and decided to photograph some paintings based on the colors the artist used in the paintings. I took my three favorite and created the color groups below.

The pattern is called Billowing Fairmount. The fan shaped flower in the pattern is similar in shape to the leaves of a Ginkgo Biloba tree which has a selection called Fairmount, hence the name. I was thinking about calling it Flowing Fairmount but changed it to Billowing. I am still undecided. Any preferences??

Billowing Fairmount in 3 Colorways - image 1 - student project