Billboard Back in Time

I love music. 

In the car, on a train, at my office, or on a boat; music is an extension of sound that we can build memories around. And very powerful ones at that. 

Think about your senior prom. Your eigth grade formal. Your wedding. 

The moment you hear a song played in any of those memorable occasions, it instantly takes you right back. 

The goal of my project is to build a system of serendipity that takes you back through a musical time machine to the importanttimes in your life. 

So far I've done the following: 

  • built a simple app using scaffolding
  • loaded a database with billboard top 100 track data dating back to 1890
  • applied the Foundation Zurb responsive framework
  • connected to, and queried the Spotify API to pull spotify track URIs
  • embedded and enabled the spotify play button
  • used will_paginate to paginate the models in ActiveRecord

All While:

But I need help with:

  • Writing to active record from api data pulled via JSON
  • The mathematical / calculative aspect of the project

My long term goals are to:

  • Make it a live app for public use
  • Develop an API from it for public use
  • Develop and iOS app that uses its API to retrieve data

And that's how it goes!

Here's some pictures of what the skeleton looks like locally:


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