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Bill and Mandy Exercise

This is the colour scheme i used for the first one. Tho' there are no baseball teams in Trinidad, i opted to based Bill's clothing on our flag, yet using the blue contrast to subtely add the American feel to the final composition.


This is the final composition. I chose brown skin to this one, given their facial features. To break monotony I choose other colours in minor arears to compliment the blue.


For the next compostion i chose dominant green with a soft yellowish hue. Mandy clothing used a pink and blue tone with a darker shade of the same yellow.


For the final composition, i opted to place Brian's characters with a more caucasoid skin tone, experiementing with different tones for skin and hair to get the perfect balnace with the shapes used for the face which is more negroid. Given the cartoony level of detail i think the tones i used allowed me to get away with it.


In both cases Mandy's glasses are tined blue, indicating they may be outdoor.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Cheers guys.

T'ony SAN


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