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Bild Creative - Behance Portfolio - student project
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  • I'm 100% guilty of setting up my Behance portfolio and then leaving it for dead. I've been good about updating my work on my personal website, but I have neglected my Behance site for some time and am looking forward to getting it caught upand maximizing the benefits of the platform.

    I will also be more deliberate in terms of upkeep, and will aim to update with new work anytime I post a new project to my own site. 

    I've just set up my Adobe Portfolio site as well, which will sync with my Behance portfolio whenever I add new work. Between my website, Dribbble, Working Not Working and Behance, this will definitely be a bit easier than also updating the (late) ProSite!

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Bild Creative - Behance Portfolio - image 1 - student project

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    Bild Creative - Behance Portfolio - image 2 - student project

  • Behance Portfolio: After

    Bild Creative - Behance Portfolio - image 3 - student project

  • I added 4 of my most recent projects, updated all of my info and created illustrator templates to save out work for Behance covers and project photos when I upload to the other design sites. 

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