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Biker of Latter-Day Saints

Hey fellow character concept art classmates! This is my first time taking an online course so hoo-ray for that!


I decided that I really just wanted to design a Mormon biker-dude with a good beard and good boots for my character. He brings the door-to-door game to a new level, and has had suprisingly good numbers compared to his fellow brothers in the church. Because, honestly, if I were approached by a salty old dog on a harley, I'd be more willing to listen to what he had to say.

This was pretty much inspired by my time living in a complex across the street from a Mormon church, and having to deal with these guys riding up on their bikes and following me into my garage and just generally bugging the life out of me.

So, here's my first round of thumbnails/silhouettes, which I'll be adding to within the next day or so. Yeah, I'm slow at this whole process, but I'll get there.

Nothing is standing out to me so far as far as the character goes, so I shall keep working at it!


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