Bikebook Color Palettes | Skillshare Projects

Bikebook Color Palettes

I used the following inspirations below to develop the Bikebook color palettes:

  • Young
  • Fashion-forward
  • Urban
  • Vintage colors
  • Colors from cityscapes

Palette 1

Initially, I used Adobe Color to build a color palette using the triadic rule and came out with a very vibrant magenta, yellow and cyan colors. The colors were too vibrant and didnt represent my vision of the brand so I tweaked them on Illustrator and came up with the colors below. I chose the burgundy, orange and aqua colors to match the urban, fashion-forward and vintage style of the brand. The palette consists of a main color with a dark value and 2 secondary colors with lighter values.


Palette 2

I used the photo of the New York cityscape to create this palette. The colors were inspired in the buildings and blue sky of the city. This palette consists of 2 dark value colors and one light value color that can be used for accents.




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