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Henry Clark

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BikeBook color palettes

For my first attempt at a palette I focused on the words "adventurous" and "stylish", while keeping in mind secondary terms like "artisanal" and "bespoke". I then surveyed the competition and noted that the primary colors used on those sites tended to be blue, black, white and yellow; in the interest of differentiating BikeBook I chose to try finding palettes that did not rely heavily on those colors.

I wanted to use orange, a color naturally associated with fun and adventure, but not as the primary color since orange can be overpowering. Instead, I chose a sort of teal blue that (at least to me) evokes stylish, tasteful and bespoke, coupled with a brownish color that evokes artisanal, organic and small-batch. I used the orange as an accent color:


For the second palette I wanted to try something more visually striking, so I tried a complementary scheme on a base color of purple. I wanted a main color that evoked expensive and high-end, a secondary color that evoked travel, simplicity and tastefulness, and a bright accent color. This time I just messed around in Kuler until I found something that I liked:



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