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BikeBook Website - Vintage Theme

I'm continuing from the first class (my project is here) and I'm looking forward to applying them to a website wireframe.

Color Blindness

I wanted to start off by saying I found the color blindness lessons fascinating and informative.  It's something I never would have considered in my work without this class, though clearly it's important for many reasons.  Infographics are a main part of my job, and the idea of using texture and pattern as well as color is something I'll be implementing in future. As a side note, color blind palettes are beautiful.  I'm looking forward to incorporating those colors in my work in future projects.

Choosing a Color Palette

As I implemented my two color palettes, the childhood theme appeared too garish, so I moved forward with the vintage theme.

And here's how it turned out!  I was quite pleased with it.  I was also happy to discover the colorblind preview in Illustrator, where the colors still apeared clearly differentiated.


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