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BikeBook Website Colors

A little prefice: I am a developer, doing a good bit of web development these days. I wanted to try to figure out how to do better with web design. Any feedback would be awesome! This pair of classes has been my first intro to thinking about design in any way other than a "play with it until it looks ok" approach.

Based on the image I chose as the basis for the color palette, I decided to go with mostly green, with a little blue and brown as accents. One competitor,, uses mostly green, but their layout, feel, and shade of green seems enough different to be ok.

I thought the layout could use one tweak - for the date picker - it seems like it would be confusing for the start date to show just the start, and the end date to show the whole rental period, so I made some adjustments there - you can see it in the image. 

Also, I think it would be cool if the color of the selected bike model gets updated to reflect the color the customer selects as their preference. As long as the images are provided as .svg, or if alternate images exist for each color option, that should be plenty feasible. I also thought that only the selected model should be in color - the others would remain gray-scale.

This is the color palette I created - I left it really simple - no commentary about what each color is used for:


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