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BikeBook Palettes

Palette #1

I used this photo as inspiration:

I ran it through the Kuhler color picker and really liked the colors that came out - navy, mint, cream, pink. Navy and mint felt stylish and very city-oriented to me. I altered the pink into a light reddish-chili color, since the pink seemed too sedate for a physical activity like biking, and I wanted it to feel a bit more adventurous.

I think the reddish-chili color would be great for accents and call-to-action buttons, and maybe the cream could add some warmth to the background.

Downside: it seems a bit... generic?

Palette #2

I tried a split complementary scheme.

The bluish-grey and mustardy-goldenrod look like they could belong outside (but in a city, not a forest). I think this scheme better draws attention to the little bicycle icon in "book".


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