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BikeBook Palette

Some of the words that I picked out from the brief to focus on were: adventurous, fun, excitement, modern, young, stylish, technology, urban, artisanal, and organic.

For my first palette, I wanted the main color to be blue as it is associated with technology and with professionalism. I chose a shade of blue that had very little green in it because it gave it a more steel/industrial look. The teal color added a nice accent to the primary blue and helped to give the palette a lighter, younger feel. The yellow and red added to the urban feel as well as providing an energy that went nicely with the product's physical nature.

For my second palette, I wanted to choose an image that helped describe the target audience. I felt that the current urban food scene in BikeBook's projected locations is representative of the target audience and analogous to the aesthetics of the brand. I choose the below photo of Kinfolk in Brooklyn because I liked the dichotomy of wood and concrete; farm fresh ingredients served in a garage. Also the clientele of this Williamsburg establishment fit well within the target of BikeBook. The addition of the purple shade to the greys, greens, and browns helped to liven up the palette and adds the feeling of creativity and sophistication.

I'd love any feedback on the palettes. Also, congrats on the Net Award.


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