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Elizabeth Ferguson

Interested in digital & analogue design solutions.



BikeBook Fun

Thanks to Geri for this course!

As I'm a total beginner to web design, I learned a lot from these videos.

This is also the first time I used Illustrator! So there are small things here and there I'll learn how to fix next time : )


I was inspired by the Client Brief's description of the target audience as preferring "vinyl over digital." I wanted to include this small detail as part of the larger zeitgeist of adventure and excitement, which the Client Brief emphasized much more.

Vinyl records make me think of how the fashion-forward urban person wants to reference the past in a knowing way but with a modern, clean twist.  


For my first palette, I focused on this instinct with no assigned photo to look at.  On Adobe Kuler, I chose the mustard green color as a focus for 2 reasons: its dated 60s hue (referencing the past) and earthy/healthy vibrancy (biking is good for the environment). I thought the purple and grey colors balanced this out with more approachability. 






For my second palette, I chose a photo that a BikeBook user could have actually taken themselves -  on Instagram with a filter, while on their bike!  

I focused on the colors I could really find in the photo. While the palette is more subdued than the word "adventure" conjures for me, the similar blue, green and grey communicates an urban and fashionable city feel. 



Ultimately I would recommend to my client the 1st palette - but only after finding creative ways to make the Reverse logo's mustard green easier on the eye. It's currently too much visually and I bet it's not passable for users with visual impairment. That's what iterating is for!


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