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BikeBook Colors

For the first color palette, I played around with Adobe Kuler online. I wanted a complementary color palette that was fresh, simple, and energetic. I thought about biking outdoors and blue skies and the sun came to mind which lead me to orange and blue hues. I choose an off-black color for the text to create a clean look that highlighted the bicycle in the Normal logo. I'm not satisfied with the last tint colors in presented. Im new to using Adobe Illustrator and couldn't figure out how to adjust the last row of tints. The others updated automatically when I selected the primary hue (the first square in each column) which was nice.


For the second color palette, I chose one of the stock photos and sampled colors from the image. I originally had a lighter green as I was focusing on fun, energy, and the outdoors, but I thought that green was too light and similar to the color palette above. I'm not sure if I like the red/brown tone that's listed first below, but I'd use the redish color to paint the seat in the Normal logo and perhaps as the color of headers on the page. I think it's be great if I used that as a secondary color sparingly for things like headings.



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